Friday, February 09, 2007

So It Snowed

Yesterday morning, England was hit by "the worst snow storm in..." some period of time. England, particularly southern England, doesn't get much snow. So when they get a little, it's a big panic. As someone who spent some time living in the snow belt, in the northern United States, let me tell you, this was minor. When I lived in Syracuse, New York, it used to snow every day for three months in a row. You wouldn't see the ground for three months. I don't even know how much snow fell, here, because I heard it on the radio news given in centimeters and I don't really do metric, so it just went in one ear and out the other. Maybe it was 10 centimeters, or something like that? I drove to work, no problem. The side roads had a little snow on them, but the main roads were clear and they didn't even need to be plowed. I left a little early, allowing time for brushing the snow off my car. I arrived at work so early, I sat in my car for about ten minutes, listening to the radio. The newscaster on the radio was saying, "it's a whiteout." I thought he sounded like an idiot. A whiteout is when you can't see anything but white. This wasn't a whiteout by any stretch of the imagination. By the time I arrived home from work, it had almost all melted. People were cancelling this and that, like the world was coming to an end. I went about my business as normal.

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