Monday, February 05, 2007

The Flower Gives Me a Cake

On Friday night, the Exotic Flower arrived for her usual weekend hanging around at our house. When she came in the front door, she presented me with a Thornton's Toffee cake, still in the box. She explained that her mother had given it to her and M1, but that because it was two days past its sell by date, they wouldn't eat it. So, she offered it to me, remembering that I am not bothered by sell by dates. Oh for Pete's sake! How silly some young people are, these days. When I was a kid, we didn't have sell by dates. If it looked okay and smelled okay, you ate it. Well, it worked to my benefit. I happily took the cake off her hands.
Nando has had the results of a medical examination he had, while visiting his family in Italy, recently. He says that he's been told that he has high cholesterol. He's decided to eat less chocolate and sweets, although he's said nothing about cutting down on the fried foods he eats in copious amounts. Given all this, when I asked Nando if he wanted to share the cake with me, he declined. Then end result was that I had the cake all to myself, this past weekend. It was a small cake, so it took me just three occasions to finish it off.

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