Sunday, January 28, 2007

Shilpa Shetty Wins

Tonight, Shilpa Shetty emerged as the winner of "Celebrity Big Brother 2007." The victim of bullying in the house, the Bollywood star received an outpouring of support from a British public, who seemed determined to prove they aren't racist. While I like Shilpa, I don't think being a victim is enough of a reason to win. I thought the public demonstrated condemnation of the behavior of Jade, Jo, and Danielle enough by voting Jade, Jo, and Danielle out first. Nando says only weak people are bullied. Shilpa showed a vulnerability in that she seemed to care too much whether other housemates liked her.
When the bullies tried their tactics with Dirk, he demonstrated that he was strong, so they pretty much left him alone. Dirk had a long list of witty comments during his time in the house. I think he was truly entertaining. Sadly, he came in third, as the public bent over backwards to hand everything to Shilpa, possibly to assuage their collective sense of guilt. Had Shilpa not been treated so horribly by the bad elements in the house, I don't think she would have won. I never foresaw that such behavior would occur, when I bet on the outcome of the show, during the first week. Thanks to certain character flaws in contestants and the public alike, I ended up losing £20. So close and yet so far.


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