Saturday, January 27, 2007

What's James Max Up To?

Last Sunday, I called James Max on his radio show, which airs on LBC 97.3, London (Sky Channel 0177 or via the net, at: ), Sunday nights from 7PM to 9PM. I used to call James every Sunday, but a combination of a series of male producers who didn't put me on, the Christmas-New Year holiday period, and the changes that LBC made to their line up of presenters, all combined to reduce the times I have called his show, recently. I did manage to catch James on the other station he's on, Talksport ( , Saturday nights between 8PM and 10PM). I even called him there, which is the first time I have ever called that station. Despite this, James informed me that I was no longer in his "top friends" on Myspace. He hinted that I might be able to earn my way back into his top friends. Was this a smart move on James' part?
James said I used to write blog articles about him and ask people to add him as a friend, on Myspace. While it's true that I have, I never intended to do that constantly. I have kept James in my top friends without break. He's one of four radio presenters that have enjoyed a permanent spot there. Is his move prompted by a desire to motivate me to give him some more publicity? What should my response be? Could James' action backfire? For instance, I could respond in kind and remove him from my "top friends." James has 699 Myspace friends, while I have 2143, at the moment. Given those numbers, who will be hurt more by losing the top friends slot, James or me? You can check out his Myspace at: . I wonder which gets more traffic, his Myspace or mine? My blog is setting new records for reads, poised to top 1,000 this week. That's double the amount of reads per week that I was getting a couple of months ago. By the way, thank you my dear readers. The more readers I get, the more respect we will get from the media. All of you should try to get two people you know to start reading my blog each week and let's triple those numbers.
James was kind enough to plug my "Seconds From Disaster" episode, this past Tuesday and he treated me well on Sunday. I pointed out to him that the more I am on his show, the more material I will have to write about him. He needs to sort those producers out and make sure they always put me through. I find that I tend to do better with female producers, like Rebecca, who was producing his show last week. Put some comments on his Myspace and let him know that you want me back in his top friends, and that you want to hear more of me on his show. As always, I need your support, dear readers. You should tune in tomorrow night, as I will probably call in. I may even call him on Talksport, tonight.


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