Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My TV Last Night

Last night, one of the two episodes I did for the series, "Seconds From Disaster" aired, for the first time. Apparently, it aired in America earlier this month, but the National Geographic Channel seems to repeat the show a lot, so if you live in the States, you might still be able to catch it. The episode title was "Texas Oil Explosion," on the tele, but the National Geographic Channel website lists it as "Texas Refinery Disaster." If you go to the website, there's a viewable trailer for the show which has a glimpse of me, towards the end (
I hadn't seen the final edit, so I really wasn't sure how much I would be in the program. They shot so many scenes with me, I hoped some of them survived the cutting room. I told everyone I could reach to watch it. It would seem a bit embarrassing if I was hardly in it. Because Nando wanted to watch football, I skipped the 9PM first airing and watched at 10PM, on the +1 channel. Sometime after 9PM, I got a call from a former coworker, Dan. He works with a lot of people I know at a travel agency call centre. A few years ago, we all used to work together at a company called Gemstone Travel. Gemstone was bought out and they now work for another company. Dan told me that show was on the television in the office, where he works. A few people who know me were on duty and they were all watching it. During the first half of the show, there is a brief glimpse of me and that was all they had seen so far. Our conversation was brief, but at least I knew I was visible in the program.
Just past 9:30, the Head Chef at the restaurant where I work between acting jobs, called. He said that after the second commercial break, I am much more visible. This was good news. He said I was like a main character in the story. I was anxious to see it myself. A few minutes later, I got a call from another former Gemstone employee, Russell. He said he was impressed with my performance. That was nice, coming from him, as he seemed really sincere. Then another former Gemstone friend, Sol, called, from his home in Nottingham. He and his girlfriend were watching.
At 10PM, it was my turn. I went downstairs and put the re-broadcast on. Nando was in the lounge, watching as well, but M1 and the Flower had just left, so they missed it. As the Head Chef had said, after the second commercial break, I start appearing a lot. My friend, Tina, sent me a text. She must have been watching the 10PM showing, as well. I play the head accident investigator for the Chemical Safety Board, in America, a guy named Don Holstrom. Because of the narration on the program, you don't actually get to hear any of the audio of me speaking, but there are plenty of shots of me. I think I may have the most screen time of any of the characters in the story. The production company, Darlow Smithson, did a great job and make me look better than I expected. If you missed it, they usually re-show the episode from Tuesday over the weekend, here in the UK. I don't know when it will be on again in America. Thanks to everyone who watched and for all the lovely comments.


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