Friday, January 19, 2007

Beauty vs the Beast

As I predicted, the nomination votes this week, in "Celebrity Big Brother," have resulted in Jade Goody vs Shilpa Shetty. It's the battle of good vs evil, beauty vs the beast, class vs ignorance. So certain are the bookies that Jade will be voted out, they have stopped taking bets on it. She seems poised to be evicted with the highest percentage of votes in "Big Brother" history. Even Chancellor Gordon Brown has weighed in, urging the British people to "vote for Shilpa," to show that Britain condemns racism. Clever Gordon managed to demonstrate that he obviously doesn't watch the show, because people vote for the person they want evicted. Thus if you support Shilpa, you'd vote for Jade to be evicted. Oh well, I suppose Gordo hadn't had his afternoon lie down.
Gordo isn't alone amongst politicos in trying to jump on the "Big Brother" racism row bandwagon, yet only managing to show what dim wits they are. Yesterday, Culture Secretary, Tessa Jowell managed to shoot her mouth off without sounding clever. While admitting that she doesn't normally watch the show, she branded what she had seen the night before as, "disgusting." I guess the harpy disgusts very easily. What I find disgusting is Jowell's approval of an increase in the TV License fee (TAX!). The episode of "Big Brother" to which Jowell was referring didn't contain anything even remotely racist, just a heated argument between Jade and Shilpa, with Jade showing herself to be rude, ignorant, and a bully. Just like in any drama, "Big Brother" has it's heroes and villains. The good guys are Shilpa, Jermaine, and Dirk, while the bad guys are comprised of Jade, Danielle, Jo, and Jack. Cleo and "H" (Ian) are caught in the middle, with "H" looking like he's joining the good side. I'm not sure what Cleo is doing. She nominated Jade and Shilpa. Sit on the fence, why don't you?
Not content to simply complain to Ofcom, the UK media watchdog, and to Channel 4 directly, some twats actually complained to their MPs. What the heck are those useless parasites supposed to do? It's just a reality TV show, for Pete's sake! Now it's being discussed on the floor in Parliament and has become an international incident, involving people in India. The world has gone mad and the worst thing about it is, I'm not in the show.
Remember: boycott the Carphone Warehouse. Dirk to win!


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