Thursday, January 18, 2007

Boycott the Carphone Warehouse!

Today, the Carphone Warehouse announced that it was pulling its sponsorship of "Big Brother," because of the bullying and racism on the show. In the rush to jump on the bandwagon of condemning the show, they seem to have lost sight of what's going on. Endemol, the producers of "Big Brother," have not scripted the awful comments made by Jade, Danielle, Jo, and Jack. The show's format is to put people in a "house," isolated from the outside world, and watch what happens. By the nature of the situation, conflicts always arise. Carphone Warehouse has been a sponsor of "Big Brother" for years, so they should be aware of the format by now. Deserting the show, just because a lot of clueless people have been complaining, shows a lack of loyalty. As the number of complaints approaches 30,000, it pays to remember that last night's show had 5.7 million viewers. That means that only about half of one percent have complained. Oh what testicular fortitude the management of the Carphone Warehouse has. If they don't want "Big Brother's" audience, we don't want them. Are you with me? (say yeah!)


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