Thursday, January 11, 2007

The First Eviction From Celebrity Big Brother 2007

I originally wrote this article yesterday, but there was something wrong with the Myspace blogging program, so I couldn't publish it then. That's why I didn't publish any blog yesterday. Anyway, I raced home after my audition, last night, so I could catch the first eviction from "Celebrity Big Brother," 2007. I wasn't too surprised that the evictee was Jade's mother, Jackiey. She was rude, loud, and had already driven two celebrities off the show. She can't even spell her name right. It seems that a number of the viewers had enough of her.
It was a surprise eviction and none seemed more surprised than Jade. Her mother was called into the diary room and informed there, while the other housemates watched on the plasma screen, in the house. When Big Brother stated that Jackiey had to leave immediately, without saying goodbye to anyone, Jade started crying. Later, in the diary room, Jade said she would never forgive "Big Brother" for the way they evicted her mum. What Jade doesn't seem to get is that the surprise eviction wasn't just staged for her mother. Five other housemates were secretly up for eviction, in addition to Jade's mum. It was the voting public who decided whom was to be evicted, not "Big Brother. Anyway, the farting, swearing, loud woman is gone now. Who will be next?


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