Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Narrowly Avoided

Today was my first day working after a ten days off. An opportunity presented itself during my breakfast break, this morning. The Polish girl was sat on her own again, eating breakfast, just when I started my break. Should I join her, or sit with everyone else? Why does she sit by herself? Does she not want anyone else to eat with her? Oh well, grab the opportunities that present themselves. I walked over and asked if she minded if I sat with her. With a nod of her head, she indicated that it was alright.
Something bothered me about this girl. Before Christmas, I hadn't been able to get absolute confirmation on whether she has a boyfriend, or not. When I had asked her what plans she had for the holidays, she only said she wasn't doing much and spending time with "friends." No mention of a boyfriend. At the time, I took that as weighing in against her having one. Still, it would be better to be sure, before doing something overt, like asking her out. So, this morning, I asked her how her New Year's Eve had been. She said it had been quiet and that she didn't do much, just spend time with "friends." "What did you get for Christmas?" I asked.
"Not much," she said. "Some expensive perfume."
Wait a minute. "What brand of perfume?" She named a brand I haven never heard of. I had a hunch. One more question. "Who bought you that, then?" I risked giving myself away with that one.
"My boyfriend," she said, matter-of-factly. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Throttles full forward, pitch up...let the speed build up. Positive rate of climb. Damn, that was close. I narrowly averted flying into the side of a mountain with that one. Only quick thinking and attention to detail avoided a crash and burn. After breakfast was over, return to base and her none the wiser. My thrill at finding the information out was balanced by a tinge of regret that the girl wasn't patient enough to wait until she met me.


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