Sunday, December 31, 2006

Always Discuss Religion and Politics

When I heard M1 and the Exotic Flower returning home from the cinema, last night, I was upstairs at my computer. Nando had gone to bed as he's been ill and had to work this morning. As the Flower has gotten into the habit of bringing me left over popcorn from the cinema, I raced downstairs so I might receive my expected gift. All the lights were off and just as they opened the door, I flicked on the lights in the lounge. This caused the Flower to scream, as she was startled. She's a skittish little thing, who's afraid of horror movies. Of course, I laughed at her being so startled.
As I expected, she had brought me some popcorn. I turned on the TV and started the debate on what we should watch. Part way through the discussion, before we had decided on anything, the Flower went upstairs and changed into her jim-jams. I cycled through the music channels, while awaiting her return. I didn't want M1 settling on any of the rubbish he likes to watch. Once back, she started lobbying for "The Da Vinci Code," on DVD. I was happy with that decision, as I hadn't yet finished watching it. M1 wasn't thrilled. I later learned that, although he'd seen it before, he didn't understand it. It seems that anything more difficult then putting styling wax in his hair is too difficult for him.
As the film began, I tucked into my bag of cinema popcorn. Munching the first handful, I paused. It didn't taste right. It was "sweet" popcorn. The Flower usually gets salted with butter, which I like. "This is sweet," I said, "what happened?"
"I sent [M1] for it," she explained. "He got a mixture of sweet and salted."
The thought, "never send a boy to do a man's job," crossed my mind. I muted my displeasure and ate it anyway. At least some of it was salted. Three-quarters of the way through the film, I overheard the Flower explaining the plot to M1. She told me that M1 hadn't read the book, like she, Nando, and myself had. There were too many big words and it was too long. English is a second language to Nando and he left school at 14, but he read the book, in English, and understood it. How could she put up with such a dolt as M1?
After the film ended, the Flower and I started discussing the storyline and the implications for Christianity. This proved too much for M1 and he went to bed, at about 3:30AM. Although the Flower promised him that she wouldn't stay up too much longer, she proceed to talk with me for another two hours. We talked about her insomnia, a bit about her family, psychology, our exposure to Christianity as children, Meme Theory, and Deep Anarchy. She seemed to drink up this intellectual conversation like a flower in the desert getting a brief rain shower. Well, she is the Flower, after all. She also confided in me that she can manipulate M1 into go along with whatever she wants. Surely she would eventually tire of such an unchallenging, dimwitted doormat? She may not have been too excited about seeing me in a short film, the other night, but she was riveted over my analogy between "The Matrix" and memetics. Whoever said, "never discuss religion and politics," didn't know what he was talking about.


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