Saturday, January 13, 2007

Leo Sayer Walks and the Second Big Brother Eviction

On Friday afternoon, Leo Sayer broke through one of the walls in the "Big Brother" house and left the show. Once the favorite to win the series, Leo was one of three housemates up for eviction on Friday night and was the likely one to be evicted. Leo lost it because Big Brother wouldn't provide him with more underpants. He was down to his last clean pair and refused to wash out the ones he'd already worn, in front of the TV cameras. By leaving, he has affected the outcome of the eviction. The eviction continued with just the two remaining nominees, Dirk Benedict and Carole Malone.
I was on edge, because I have bet money on Dirk to win the series. The departure of Leo increased the chance of Dirk being evicted. I needn't have worried. Carole was voted out, with 77.4% of the votes cast. If Leo hadn't walked out, he would have been evicted and Carole would still be in the house. I wonder how she feels about that? The wonderful Davina Mc Call, the "Big Brother" presenter, was wearing a fabulous pair of black, high heeled boots, on Friday. Davina almost always looks amazing. Another amazing thing is that Carole, a celebrity columnist for the "Daily Mirror," is the same age as me. Gee, she looks older. Age is so unkind to many women, especially British women. Dirk to win!


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