Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More Racism Complaints About Channel 4

Channel Four is in more hot water due to reality show racism. This time, it's over an episode of the new series of "Shipwrecked." 18-year-old contestant, Lucy Buchanan, alledgedly said that "black people" are "really bad." She also supposedly said that she favors a return to slavery. In an effort to be inclusive, Buchanan also slated fat people, ugly people, foreigners, and gays. The episode aired Sunday, generating complaints to UK media watchdog, Ofcom. The complaints are said to number 280 and are rising. Channel 4 have said that, as the series progresses, Lucy's views soften. This morning, on LBC 97.3's Breakfast show, guest Andrew Pierce stated that Channel 4 should have edited out Lucy's comments. With no grasp of the concept of freedom of speech, Mr. Pierce doesn't seem to realize that editing out the comments won't change the fact that she said them, nor that she thinks that way. The only result would be to hide it from the public. Personally, I would rather know. I wish people would stop attacking Channel 4.


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