Monday, January 22, 2007

None of You Noticed

None of you noticed that Nando was gone for nine days. He left a week ago, last Wednesday and came back Friday night. He was in Italy, visiting his family. Nando saw his sister, his Mama, his father, and his friend Giuseppe. He was in his hometown of Naples, or more properly, "Napoli." I am glad that he's back, as I have someone sensible to watch TV with, again. Yesterday, we were watching TV and an ad came on promoting the thirty miles-per-hour speed limit in towns. The ad shows a little girl's body on the side of the road, as if she's been hit by a car. We hear her voice saying, "if you hit me at forty miles-per-hour, there's an 80% chance I will die. If you hit me at thirty miles-per-hour, there's an 80% chance I'll live."
Nando then shouted at the TV, "if you looked before you crossed the road, there's 100% chance you won't get hit by a car, you idiot."
Moved by Nando's obvious compassion, I asked him his opinion on the issue of the alledged racist bullying in "Celebrity Big Brother." Giving me a smirk, he said, "there's an easy way to solve the problem. Next year, only have white people in the house, then they won't have a problem with racism."
As he went upstairs to get some cigarettes, I thought, "Nando's back."


Blogger © Karelian Blonde said...

You have to set a webcam pointing at your sofa a'la BB for us to see who is about your place ;)

8:49 AM  
Blogger JosephintheBracknell said...

Oh, it's only ever me, Nando, M1, and the Exotic Flower.

9:14 AM  

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