Saturday, January 27, 2007

Home Alone

This evening, Nando came downstairs dressed a little fancier than usual. He had a jacket in his hand. "Are you going somewhere?" I asked him.
"Out," Nando replied.
"Where? Out where?" I asked.
"First to some friends house," Nando explained. "Then out to a club."
"A club? What club? Where?" I asked.
"In Camberley," Nando said.
Nando had jeans on and a nicer shirt than he usually wears. "Aren't jeans a bit casual for a club?" I asked.
"No," Nando responded.
I asked him which club in Camberley and he answered, but I couldn't make out the name he said. Earlier today, the Exotic Flower and M1 went to Essex, for someone's birthday party. Nando told me they are spending the night there and won't be back till tomorrow. That means I am home all alone, tonight. Oh, I can have fish and the Flower won't complain about the smell.


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