Monday, February 05, 2007

Another Gamble I Lost

I took today off from the restaurant, so I would be available to do the music video I was being considered for (see "Face the Music," February 2, 2006). Wouldn't you know it, I didn't get picked for it. So, I have ended up with an extra day off. Not the worse thing in the world, although I will miss the money I am losing out on. Taking advantage of the day, I put my car in for some servicing. While having breakfast, I discovered M1 on one of the settees, in the lounge. I know he's short of money, as he hasn't had more than two days of work for the past month, so when I was ready to leave for the service center, I asked him if we was interested in earning a little petrol money. I was going to ask him to drive me home, after I left my car, rather than taking a cab. I was going to offer him £5 in petrol, on the condition that he also drove me back when it was time to pick the car up. He was already dressed and it's only a ten minute drive. In all fairness, he should do it for free, as he has never contributed to the Sky bill and even as I was asking him this, he was vegetating in front of the TV, watching Sky that Nando and I pay for. Nando would have done it for free, as a friend, but he was at work.
When I asked the little toe rag if he was interested in earning a little petrol money, his immediate reaction was, to shake his head negatively and say, "I'm feeling a bit lazy, today." He didn't even bother asking what it is I wanted, first. I instantly felt annoyed at the little shit. As I had my jacket on, he then asked me where I was going.
"Never mind," I said with concealed disgust. I walked out of the door. I was using a different mechanic than I usually use. Although my old one is very good and specializes in German cars, he's far away and doesn't take credit cards. My finances are such that paying by credit card is essential, this time. So, I tried out a place fairly close to where I live. After I dropped off the car, I walked to the nearby shopping center and waited at the bus stop. The third bus that came along was on a route that goes right past the end of my street. I paid only £1.60 to get back home. This afternoon, Nando would surly take me back for free. I ended up saving £3.40 on what I was going to give M1.

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