Monday, February 05, 2007

I Wonder If She Waxes or Shaves?

On Saturday afternoon, I went downstairs to have some breakfast. I found M1 in the lounge, alone, watching TV. The Flower was out doing someone's hair, or at a dance class, or something. Nando went out, so it was just me and M1. I heated up some chicken curry and rice in the microwave. As I sat down in my usual spot, in the lounge, to eat, I noticed that M1 had "Girls of the Playboy Mansion," on. That's some rubbish the Flower usually watches. Worse still, I quickly determined that it was an episode we'd seen already, last month, when the Flower inflicted it upon us. I voiced my opinion that, surely, there must be something else we could watch, but the dozy M1 just kept the channel where it was.
I was planning to go back upstairs and mess around with the Internet, write blog articles, or something, after eating, so I figured I'd just endure a bit of "Girls of the Playboy Mansion." As the show progressed, there was a segment where the sister of one of Hugh Hefner's three, twenty-something, girlfriends was having her legs waxed. The waxing technician asked her if she wanted her pelvic area waxed, but the girl declined. This prompted me to ask M1 if he liked a woman completely hairless in her nether regions; a typical breakfast conversation topic. He indicated that was indeed his preference. I then countered by expressing my own preference for it to be trimmed, but for there to be some hair there, even if it's only a Hitler moustache. He responded by saying that I wouldn't like the Flower, then. Oh for Pete's sake! He'd just told me that his girlfriend has a bald hey-nanny-nanny. I wonder what she'd think if she knew he was discussing her personal grooming habits with all and sundry? Eventually, I persuaded him to switch to watching "Top Gear." A car show is more appropriate for a couple of lads on a Saturday afternoon.
Later, that night, Nando and I were watching a film, "Red Eye." I mentioned to Nando that M1 had told me the Flower's hair status with respect to the panty area. Always one to conduct little surveys, I asked Nanod what his preference was. He indicated a similar answer to my own. Was it a generational thing, then? Older folks, like Nando and I, liking a bit of hair there, to let you know where you are, while younger fellows, like M1, desiring a baldness that is reminiscent of pre-pubescence? The big question remains, does she wax or shave?

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