Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Flower Speaks To Me Again

The Exotic Flower hasn't been speaking to me since we had an argument, over a week ago. She's hardly been around the house, which surprised me. This week was the February school holiday week, so her college was closed. I was wondering if she was staying away because of me, or had she and M1 broken up, finally? Did she go away for the school holiday? When she turned up on Thursday, that squashed notions of a breakup, or her being away, but she left again without speaking to me once.
Last night, after I went upstairs to fool around with my computer, I thought I heard the Flower's clip-clopping stride, in high heels, coming into the house. Usually, on weekends, she and M1 sleep in late. Today, when I went downstairs for breakfast, both M1 and her were gone. M1 came home this afternoon, alone. What a relief! He went out again and returned home, alone again. Then he went out again. This time, he came home, just past 8PM, with the Flower in tow. When she came in the lounge, she spoke to me like nothing was wrong. I have mixed feelings about this. While it's nice not to have tension between us, it was also nice to have such peace and quiet around here, without her whinny voice calling out to M1. Nando observed that the house was neater without her here.
The Flower and M1 stayed, briefly, then they went out again. After they left, I mentioned to Nando that she had spoken to me. "You were the only person in the room," Nando reasoned. "Not that she spoke to you because you were the only person in the room, but because she needs to speak to somebody, so she spoke to you." It seems she had stayed away because M1 has been working all week. I was minimally cordial to her, but kept my conversation limited. Nando doesn't like her and I was starting to enjoy her not being around. The only drawback to her not being here is it gives me less to write about.

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