Friday, February 16, 2007

Didn't We Just Do This?

It's London Fashion Week, this week...again. It seems like we just did this a few months ago. I guess they have two "fashion weeks" each year, one for autumn designs and one for spring. Why not summer and winter, too, while they're at it? Once again, there's fuss over the issue of "size zero" models. Once again, London Fashion Week has declined to ban them. I say, "good," because I am sick of calls for banning things.
Meanwhile, another model has died of suspected malnutrition. 18-year-old, Eliana Ramos, of Uruguay, was found dead, Tuesday. Ironically, her older sister, Luisel, also a model, died during a catwalk show, just six months ago. Someone needed to buy these girls burgers. I blame it on vegetarians. I think vegetarians are a bigger threat to humanity than climate change and global terrorism. Be careful, there could be a vegetarian living next door to you. Also, people need to stop obsessing about weight. First you're too fat, then you're too thin. Enough already! Some models need to come to my house. I have plenty of food, here.

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