Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Time to Boycott Qantas?

Yesterday, Australian airline, Qantas, fired a stewardess, Lisa Robertson, without giving an explanation. The suspicion is that poor Lisa was canned because she had sex with actor, Ralph Fiennes, on a Qantas flight. In the the toilet, if you must know. Lisa initially denied that she had sex with the actor and was suspended by the airline, pending investigation. However, over the weekend, Robertson admitted to the sexual encounter in an interview. It seems Qantas isn't fine with it and they terminated her, yesterday. Instead of firing her, they should reward her. It would do wonders for sales if guys thought the stewardesses on Qantas were "up for it." Canned for doing it in the can. What injustice. What ever happened to the airline that used to run the ads with the cute koala bear? It seems they've lost their Aussie sense of humor, mate.
One fascinating bit of trivia is that Lisa Robertson was formerly an undercover police officer. I wonder if she will be handcuffing Ralph in the future and "frisking" him? Lisa admits to going to Ralph's hotel room for another round, after they arrived at their destination. See what great treatment you can get if you're an actor? Is it any surprise that I am pursuing an acting career? If the sourpusses at Qantas are going to take it out on flight crew who go "the extra mile" for passengers," perhaps we should take our business elsewhere?

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