Friday, October 27, 2006

Where's a Racist When You Need One?

While hanging out with M1 and the Exotic Flower, on Thursday, they told me that my other housemate, S1, is moving out. This is great news, as my Italian ex-housemate, Nando, the racist, told me he is unhappy where he's living now and would like to move. Originally, Nando said he'd like to move by the end of October. The last time I spoke with him was several weeks ago. M1 and the Flower claimed that S1 is moving on the 2nd November. I urgently tried to call Nando. I would love to have him move into this house. He and I lived together in another house, for three years. Nando said I had become more than just a housemate and that he considers me a friend.
Nando may be a racist, but other than that, he's a very nice guy. He never uses your stuff without asking. He always helps pay for Sky and takes his turn buying toilet paper, without being asked. He's also older than M1 and S1 and acts accordingly. After calling his mobile number several times, it just rang and rang. He neither answered, nor did his voicemail come on. I hope he's not away, in Italy, visiting his family. I hoped he hadn't found another place to live. Nando would probably only be interested in the room S1 is in, which is the second largest. I know M1 is interested in it, as well, but he's struggling to pay his rent as it is and if he moved into the larger room, his rent would be even more.
On Friday evening, the landlord called me, to let me know S1 was moving out. "I know, the boy told me," I said. The landlord said S1 was moving out December 2nd, not November 2nd, as M1 and the Flower had said. This is good, as it gives Nando a chance to give a month's notice to his current landlord. The landlord asked me if Nando would still be interested. When Nando told me he wanted to move, I told the landlord and asked him to let me know the instant either S1, or M1, gave notice of moving. I told the landlord that I have already tried calling Nando and I would keep trying and let him now ASAP. He hung up and I got back to watching TV.
Later, I tried calling Nando again. This time, he answered. He said he'd seen my number on his phone, as a missed call. The reason he hadn't answered on Thursday evening is that he'd accidentally left his mobile at work. He hasn't moved yet. However, he has been offered another place by a friend of his. The good news is, his friend has asked for much higher rent than my landlord wants and Nando isn't willing to pay that much. Nando says that if his friend doesn't lower the rent he's asking, Nando will probably take the room, here. He also said he'd come over later today, to see the room. Hopefully, this will work out. Finally, something going my way.


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