Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Flower Smells Fishy

When I went downstairs to cook dinner, I found the Exotic Flower and M1 on their favorite settee, watching TV. "You're dressed fancy," I said to the Flower. She explained that they were going to a party, tonight. Next to her, M1 was dressed in jeans and a hoodie. "What about him?"
"He hasn't gotten dressed, yet," she explained. The party they were going to was themed, something along the lines of, "guys and dolls," or some sort of 1920s to 1950s style. The Flower wasn't too clear on the nature of the theme.
As I puttered around in the kitchen, I looked through the hatch to the lounge and asked her, "isn't your skirt a bit short for that era?" She stood up and pulled it down. It turned out to be just below the knee, tight and black. "I was wrong," I said, "I didn't realize it had ridden up." She sat back down, causing the hem to rise again, revealing more leg. Besides the black skirt, she was wearing a red and white, low cut top, a red bra and a wide white belt. I know her bra was red, because the top of the cups showed, peeking out from her top. Her shoes were pinkish pearl pumps. She looked hot enough to cook with.
I put rice into my rice cooker and sat down to watch TV with them. They had "X Factor" on. In due course, M1 did get dressed. He came downstairs in a black, pinstripe suit and a pink shirt. He brought several ties with him and tried to select a tie. The Flower said, "If you're going to wear a tie, wear the black one." M1 was leaning toward a pink tie. I suggested a black and pink one, but when he tried it on, the striping made it look to school boyish. The Flower decided he looked better without a tie. M1 kept trying ties, and insisted he wanted to wear one. They started bickering. They seem to bicker a lot.
After my rice was ready, I microwaved some frozen sweetcorn, then microwaved a nice piece of fish which I had brought home from work, yesterday. When my fish (haddock, actually), was ready, M1 yelled in from the lounge to open the kitchen door, because of the smell of fish. "You're joking," I replied. Then the Flower then, saying that she is allergic to fish and can't stand the smell of it. Oh for Pete's sake! How can someone be allergic to all fish? I have heard of being allergic to shellfish, but to all fish? The smell of the fish was minimal, as it was cooked in the restaurant and I was just re-heating it. What would they do if I was frying fish? Then the smell permeates the whole house.
The way they usually sit, the Flower sits closest to me. I sat in the lounge with my dinner. Half way through my meal, the flower dashes upstairs to the toilet. I listened to hear if she was throwing up, as I suspected this was induced by the smell of my dinner, as I was right next to her. I couldn't hear anything that sounded like she was blowing chunks. My girlfriend right before I started dating the Black Queen, Paula, was allergic to nuts. She was so sensitive to it that if I ate peanuts, she could feel nauseous simply from the smell of the peanuts on my breath. The Flower returned, looking composed. She returned to her seat, next to me. When I had finished about three quarters of my meal, she suddenly stood up and moved past M1, to sit closest to the window, which they had opened while I was cooking. She lit a cigarette. I suspected this was her trying to avoid the smell of my dinner. Sure enough, as soon as I had finished eating, she moved back to sit next to me. To her credit, she didn't complain, once.


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