Saturday, October 28, 2006

The End of An Era: The Lucas Story Part 4

After my first fiancee, Kelly Lucas, moved out, I wanted to reconcile with her. I went on the trip to Syracuse that we had planned, without her, but we spoke on the phone while I was there. At that time, I got the impression that neither of us really wanted to end things. Little did I know that mine wasn't the only input into the mix that she was considering.
Several months after Kelly moved in, a childhood friend of mine, Dave, told me that his mother had thrown him out of her house. He had been in the Navy for awhile, but had no place to stay. I thought I had an opportunity to help him out and replace the income from when Kelley Bohland had been renting a room. I offered to rent him a room and he moved in. After Lucas moved out, Dave remained. I confided in him that I missed Kelly and wanted to patch things up. He kept advising me to forget about her and find someone else. He suggested that we go out and have some fun. As he didn't have a car, I suspected he wanted me to go, so he could get out and about. He claimed he wanted to meet a woman. We went out a few times and I ended up having a one night stand with some gal I met on one of these occasions. Low and behold, in a subsequent conversation with Lucas, she questioned me about this one night stand. I admitted it to her, pointing out that we were no longer a couple. When Lucas and I had started dating, she told me she had a "rule," that once she has sex with someone else, she never goes back to having sex with a former lover. Now that I had admitted to having a one night stand, she informed me she was applying this rule to me. Because I had sex with someone else, she would never get back together with me. Hang on, the "rule" was supposed to apply to her. She never said anything about applying it to her partners.
Dave moved out, suddenly. I went a couple of months without seeing Lucas, but a check came to the house addressed to her. She wanted me to bring it to her where she was living, back at her parent's. Lucas liked beards on men, so I came up with this scheme to grow a beard, hoping that when she saw me, she would like it. I grew a full beard and when I went to see her, it was mid February. I took her a Valentine's Day card. When I saw her, it soon became clear that she only was interested in getting the check from me. After less than half an hour, she made excuses for me to leave. I went home and shaved off my beard. It hadn't made any difference and it itched like hell.
For a while, I kept calling Kelly on the phone to talk to her. During one of these conversations, she revealed how she knew about my one night stand. It turns out that my friend, Dave, had wanted Lucas for himself. When she was moving out, while I was away in Syracuse, he had asked her to run away with him. She declined, but let him help her move. He started writing and calling her. He told her about the one night stand, deliberately. He also made some stuff up about me. When she asked me about the one night stand in the phone conversation at the time and I had admitted it, she assumed everything he said about me was true. She thought he was a creep for stabbing me in the back like that and never considered running away with him, so all he accomplished was to sabotage my efforts at getting back together with her and ruining his own chances. This demonstrates what can happen when one tries to orchestrate the demise of the relationship of a woman, so one can have her oneself. It never works. It's experiences like these that lead me not to inform the Exotic Flower about M1's infidelity. Eventually, she asked me why I kept calling. She made it pretty clear that she wouldn't consider getting back together with me. I finally stopped calling.
A year later, when I had started a relationship with the Great Michelle, I called Lucas and managed to work into the conversation that I had a girlfriend who was a model, from Britain. Yes, it was just silly spitefulness on my part, but I was still under thirty, back then. Later, I realized that a cassette of me as a child, talking with my great aunt, who had died in 1980, was in Kelly's stereo when she moved out. I wrote her a letter, in 1988, asking her to send me the cassette, as it was the only recording of my aunt's voice. I offered never to contact her again, if she would just return the cassette. The cassette arrived in the mail, one day and I have kept my word, never contacting her again.
In 1993, while petitioning to get on the ballot as a candidate for Mayor of New York, I ran into one of Lucas' cousins and her aunt. Her aunt informed me that she still remained unmarried. I wondered if Kelly would contact me, after hearing about what I was doing, from her Aunt, but she never did. This winter is the 20th anniversary of the ending of our relationship. I still think about her, from time to time. I can still remember the sound off her voice, the look of her slender, artist's fingers, and the smell of her hair on my pillow. The name Kelly will always be special to me.


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