Sunday, July 30, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me.

Written July 3, 2006:

Today is my 47th birthday. I still remember being young enough that I looked forward to getting a year older. When you are a kid, getting older means less restrictions. But I have reached the stage where one doesn't really desire higher numbers. No wonder many women begin lying about their age. Sadly, it never seems like something men do. I still feel the same inside. I am the same person I was when I was little, just with a lot more experience. Some TV shows I wanted to apply for I have been excluded from, because I am older than the arbitrary line they set. Life doesn't stop at 35. I can pass for under 40...that's why they call it acting. Oh, and there's the horrible experience of fancying an attractive woman, just to have her say, "you're old as my father," or worse, "you're older than my father."
So, in some people's opinion, I am too old for some things, but still too young to get a Senior Citizen's discount. At least I didn't have to work today. I am doing nothing special for my birthday. I have received one card, from my mother. I am grateful for all the "happy birthday" wishes posted to me on Myspace. I have not received a single present. There will be no birthday cake and no party. No one is even taking me out for a drink. I can't afford to treat myself to anything. Maybe I will open a bottle of wine, tonight. Really, it's just another Monday. In America, Fourth of July celebrations are underway. Here in England, tomorrow is just another Tuesday. The Earth keeps spinning, 1000 miles per hour. So what else is new?


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