Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Prime Time

Today, Tony Blair resigned as Prime Minister (PM) of Great Britain and Gordon Brown took over as his replacement. Appropriately, it was cloudy and rainy, most of the day. The notion that it was a dark day for Britain comes to mind. Brown has been standing in the wings, salivating over the prospect of succeeding Blair as PM for years. That alone gives me the impression that there is something wrong with him. Someone famous enough for me to forget who it was once said that people who want to be the leader should be disqualified from being the leader. In addition, there is something dodgy (a wonderful, British expression that, means sort of illegitimate) about him. He looks dodgy. I don't trust him. Given that all politicians are untrustworthy, Brown seems even more untrustworthy than usual. He has no charisma. As bad as Blair was, there was something likable about him. Gordon,on the other hand, seems totally unlikable. One is amazed he managed to find a woman to marry him. Brown bears keeping an eye on. You have been warned. At least he provided me with something to blog about.

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