Friday, June 22, 2007

My Mother Sent Me a Card

Yesterday, when I got home from work, I found an envelope from America, addressed to me. The writing on the envelope looked distinctly like my mother's handwriting. I was suspicious as to what was inside. I haven't heard from my mother since just after Christmas, when her Christmas card arrived, late. Sure enough, when I opened the envelope, it was a birthday card. My birthday is in eleven days. I guess my mother is over-compensating for the fact that her Christmas card was late, so my birthday card is almost two weeks early.
The front of the card shows a picture of a cat siting on the bonnet (hood) of a vintage style car. Imagine a front grill like a classic Rolls Royce and you won't be too far off. After knowing me for almost 48 years, my mother has worked out that I like cats and cars. That's progress. Inside, she wrote, "Dear Joseph," above where the card company printed, "You're first class! Happy Birthday." Below the print from the card company, she signed it, "Love, Joanne." Ironically, Joanne is my mother's name. It would have been really funny if she'd have signed it with a different name, like Carol, or something, but my mother's humor has never been that sophisticated. There wasn't anything more inside.
The last card I sent my mother was for Easter. I wrote her a note, making use of the opportunity to communicate a little. I used to call her, regularly, but last year, she asked me to stop calling her, saying that I was causing her stress. In my note, I asked her to rescind the ban on me calling her. I have not received any reply and there is no news, nor note, inside this card. Don't get me wrong, just because I sound sarcastic, I am really very pleased to have received this card, even if it's early. It means my mother is still alive. I worry that she'll die before I make my fortune. I'd like to be in a position, financially, to do some nice things for her, while she's still alive. As I approach the day I get another year older, I keep thinking, "hang on in there, ma."

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