Friday, April 20, 2007

I Bumped Into Matt Damon

On Tuesday, I bumped into Matt Damon...literally. Okay, to be fair, the actual bumping into was with his stunt double. I was working on a film shoot for a soon to be released, major motion picture. We were on location at London's Waterloo International Station and I was one of 300 plus background artists involved in the day's shooting. Matt Damon was doing some scenes with us and, at one point, his character was supposed to push his way through the crowd. I suppose the film company couldn't risk Matt running into someone as big as me. We were doing a take and I was concentrating on playing my part as a passer by, in the train station. All of a sudden, I almost collided with a guy going the other way. He was dressed like Matt Damon and looked like him...sort of. Ah-ha! A stunt double! How clever.
After a long work day with more waiting than filming, I was ambling along, on my way back to our base for the day, so I could sign out. I picked one of the exits from the station concourse, other than the main exit. Suddenly, I noticed that Matt Damon had picked the same exit. He was standing with some fans, signing autographs. I left them to it and continued to make my way to the base. As I came out on the street, I noticed a couple of paparazzi waiting at the corner of the archway. When I realized that they weren't there for me, I continued on my way. I was tired by the end of the day, having gotten up at 4:30AM. At least I worked with Matt Damon, that day. What did you do at work, on Tuesday?

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