Thursday, April 19, 2007

I Have An Oyster!

I apologize for not posting any blog articles for the past couple of days. I have been working on a film shoot, in London. I tried to post this article, last night, only to end up accidentally deleting it. It was too late and I was too tired to do it over again, then. Hopefully, things will go better tonight.
On Tuesday morning, I finally bought an Oyster Card. "What's an Oyster card?" some of you are wondering. Well, for those of you not in or around London, an Oyster card is an electronic debit card which is accepted on London's Underground and London Buses, in lieu of cash. Introduced by Red Ken, London's crackpot, socialist mayor, they enable one to take advantage of certain discounts on Underground and bus fares, only available to Oyster Card users. I had been resisting purchasing one, because I didn't like the fact that, if you register your card, it enables the government to track your movements within London's transport system. I was also concerned that when using an Oyster card, you might actually end up paying more, if you make a lot of journeys in the same day, than when using a Travelcard.
I have learned that Oyster automatically caps the charges on any given day, so you never pay more than the cost of a travel card. By not registering my Oyster card, I retain travel anonymity. Finally, the recent fare increases for cash customers make the financial incentives too great to resist. Tuesday, I was working as a background artist (extra) in a major motion picture shoot, in London. I was running quite early and was very pleased with myself, as I sat on the Jubilee Line train to Waterloo station, where we would be filming that day. As the train accelerated down the tunnel, I began reading my favorite free daily paper, "Metro." What do I find within it's pages? An offer for free Oyster cards! Unfortunately, I saw this minutes after buying one for the regular price, £3. I always seem to miss out.

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