Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Holy Shamrock, It's Almost St. Patrick's Day

I just had a thought. It's almost St. Patrick's Day and I haven't made any plans for celebrating it. The ideal thing would be to travel to Ireland for it, but I can't afford to do that, now. So, what shall I do? I don't know any Irish pubs around here. There were plenty of them, back in New York. In New York, there was always a St. Patrick's Day Parade. I even marched in it a couple of times. There's nothing like that around here. When I was a kid, myself and my fellow children were encouraged to wear something green on St. Patrick's Day. Who the heck came up with that? I don't really own a lot of green, these days. I have decided to indulge in a long held desire to learn to play Bridge. I have been invited to play in my first Bridge game, this Saturday. I probably won't get the others to play with green cards. Maybe I can put on a fake Irish accent during the game. What do you think? Will that work?

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