Thursday, March 08, 2007

I Feel Like I'm Turning Into My Grandmother

This afternoon, I was putting water into the colling system of my car, when the thought struck me, again. I feel like I'm tuning into my grandmother. There I was, pouring water into the filler opening, from a bottle of Tesco still water, which I keep refilling. Yesterday, I added a quart of oil to the engine. You see, my grandmother was one to keep adding fluid to her car. Another way I have become like her was when I started mending my trousers (see "Trouser Trout," 1 June, 2006). Also, I've stated saving old newspapers and saving old plastic containers, hoping to store left-overs in them. I have picked up the habit of turning off all unnecessary electric lights, to save on electricity. I sometimes fall asleep while watching TV. Grand used to do that. She also snored, which I do. I save old supermarket bags and keep a couple in my locker, at work, so I can have something to carry home leftovers in. She used to bring home packets of ketchup, sugar, and cream, from the cafeteria at her place of employment. I often try to turn down the heating, to save on heating bills, and I have started walking in a similar fashion to the way she did. I find myself thrilled to find a sale on at the supermarket, like she was. One other thing, I eat food that's a bit dated, as did she. It seems we both benefited from a cast iron stomach.
Maybe I'm just getting old. There are ways in which I'm not like her. I have this attraction to women that she never shared. I drive fast and well. She was the worst driver I ever saw. She didn't like talking on the phone a long time, while I do. In that way, I'm more like my mother. I've traveled abroad. She never did. She never owned a mobile phone, nor used the internet. Then there's the smell. I hope I never smell like she did. Hey, in a lot of ways she was sweet, but she did have a body odor issue. Don't worry, she won't read this. She's dead. That's another difference...I'm still alive.

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