Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Flower Buys Me a Drink

Late on Friday night, going in to the early hours of Saturday morning, I was continuing the evening of watching TV with the Exotic Flower and M1. The Flower brought out a bottle of peach schnapps. It was an unknown brand, similar to Archer's, but cheaper. Because of M1's irregular employment of late, they have had to make certain sacrifices. The Flower is so into top brand names, it must have really shot holes in her self-image to have to stoop to buying a cheap, unknown brand. I still remember when I asked her and M1 if one of them had been using my store brand shampoo, a few months ago. "We only use band name products," she sneered. Oh how the mighty have fallen.
The Flower asked M1 how to judge how much a shot is, without the benefit of a shot glass. He told her to pour two fingers, but didn't explain how to judge the two fingers on the glass. After watching her tentatively fiddle with the glass, I suggested that the size of the glass used would affect how much is poured to the level of two fingers. The Flower was using a pint glass, which I suspect is too big to use to measure shots. After she poured herself some peach schnapps in an amount substantially more than a single shot, she added soda. As an after thought, she turned to me and asked if I would like a drink. "Sure," I said. This is the first time the Flower has ever bought me a drink. Well, it's not quite buying me a drink, more like sharing with me. Still, it's a first. I wonder if this was motivated by my earlier gift of a piece of cake?
After she poured some schnapps into my pint glass, she asked, "do you want it strong, medium, or weak?"
"Weak," I replied. She proceeded to pour an ample amount of soda into the glass. I took a sip of the resulting concoction and it didn't taste bad, although it was warm. I would have preferred cold soda. The Archer's bottled drinks that are sold in pubs are kept chilled. Brits seem willing to drink warm drinks that Americans would only drink cold.
Having maintained control of the remote from earlier in the evening, I discovered that the animated film, "Heavy Metal," was starting. I put it on and tried to interest the two young 'uns in the film. M1 immediately started asking me to put on "Fear Factor." As "Fear Factor" is due to end shortly and the film hadn't started yet, I obliged. After watching one couple do one of the challenges, I flipped back to the film channel, when "Fear Factor" went into commercial break. M1 started moaning that he wanted me to go back to "Fear Factor." At first, I refused, explaining that it was still in commercial break. The film hadn't started yet, but was due to start any minute. M1 pleaded that he just wanted to see which couple won. After waiting a bit longer, I gave in and returned to "Fear Factor." The show dragged out giving the results so long, when I finally did go back to the film channel, we'd missed the beginning.
Immediately, M1 started complaining that the film is animated. I guess he was ignoring me, earlier, when I explained that "Heavy Metal" is animated. I pointed out that he regularly watches "The Simpsons" and "Futurama." His response was to point out that they look more modern. Admittedly, "Heavy Metal" was released 26 years ago, but does that matter? Surely, one doesn't watch "The Simpsons" for the quality of the animation. "Heavy Metal" features a number of short stores all around a central theme. This proved too much for M1's feeble mind and pretty soon he said he was confused. He and the Flower managed to stick with the film until the last story began, then bailed out and went upstairs. I switched to watching some music videos. I've seen "Heavy Metal" several times before and I usually only like to re-watch films I have seen many times, if there is someone who's never seen it watching with me.
After a short time, I turned off the TV and lamp, then went upstairs myself. I tuned into Bill Buckley on LBC radio, 97.3 FM, London (Sky 0177 or via the net at: ), while surfing the internet. About an hour or so later, I felt hungry. I went downstairs to have a piece of cake, to satisfy my hunger. As I came downstairs, I noticed the light on in the lounge. Thinking that M1 and the Flower had figured out that I had gone upstairs, I poked my head in to see what was on TV. I was quite surprised to find the Flower sitting in the lounge alone. After putting a slice of cake on a plate, I joined her as she was watching the end of "Volcano." She's much better company when M1's not around.

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