Monday, February 26, 2007

A Knock At the Door

Tonight, I was watching "Garden State," with Nando. I was enjoying it, but he wasn't. "This film is fucking crap," Nando said, with emphasis. "Fucking" is a modifier that Nando uses quite often. It's stronger than just, "crap."
Calmly, I enquired, "don't you ever like anything that doesn't have shooting in it?"
"Yeah," he responded, "I like some stuff that doesn't have shooting in, but this film is crap. It's boring. Nothing is happening." As the film involves a developing romance and some psychological issues, Nando would view that as "nothing" happening. I also think the humor was too subtle for him.
A little while later, I said, "Natalie Portman is very pretty." She plays the female lead in the film.
"She's fucking ugly," Nando retorted. There's that modifier, again.
"How can you say that?" I asked. "I find that in every film she's in, she plays a character I like." Nando didn't try to justify his outlandish opinion of Miss Portman.
We were sitting, quietly watching the film, when there was a sudden knock at the door. Both of us were a bit startled. It's unusual for anyone to knock at our door. It was even more strange to experience a knock so late in the evening. It's was 10:20PM, or there abouts. It was quite a strong knock, sounding quite manly. Nando got up and walked to the door. I chose to watch from my seat. When he opened the door, surprise surprise, it was the Exotic Flower. It's very unusual for her to come to the door without M1. M1 was upstairs in his room. If he was expecting her, why didn't he answer the door?
"Hello Nando," she said, stepping through the threshold. She asked if M1 wasn't downstairs. Nando indicated that M1 was not. She looked at me. Over the last few days, it seemed she had stopped speaking to me again. What would happen now? "Hello Joe," she said.
She spoke! "Hello," I replied. The Flower proceeded to climb the stairs and disappear from view. After a few minutes, she came clomping back downstairs, with a couple of bags and a pillow in hand. "He's fast asleep," she said aloud, referring to M1. It wasn't clear whether she was speaking to me, or to Nando and me. I was closest and Nando isn't usually interested in what she says. Getting her things and going home by herself...could they be breaking up?
"Can you actually be slow asleep?" I asked her, as I got up from my seat and walked over to open the door for her. Her hands were full. It was a rhetorical question, so I wasn't surprised that she didn't answer.
"He didn't even know who I was," she continued. I'd know her in an instant, but then I'm a light sleeper. "I would have thought he'd wake up, as I clomped up the stairs like an elephant."
"More like lightly prancing up the stairs, like a dainty pixie," I offered. Nothing about the Flower gives me the impression of an elephant. After I opened the door for her, I went back to my seat. After all, there was a film on.
Before walking out, the Flower said, "I'll see you guys on Wednesday."
"Thanks for the warning," I called after her. I guess they weren't breaking up. As crap as Nando claimed to find the film, he was more interested in watching it than paying any attention to what the Flower was saying. The door closed and she walked off, into the night. Gosh, she has a manly knock.

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