Wednesday, February 21, 2007

How Sweet It Is!

Imagine how happy Marilyn Gordon must have been. She had lost her purse, but it had been recovered by the police. As she entered a police station in South Tyneside to claim her purse, the 72-year-old was probably thrilled. All that probably changed rather quickly, when Marilyn found that she was being questioned by the cops on suspicion of possessing cocaine. It seems that alert police discovered small, white tablets in a plastic bag, inside the old woman's purse. Note to self: if you lose a purse with cocaine in it, don't turn up at the police station asking for it back. Oh no, what is a poor old lady to do? At some point during the questioning, the tables were turned on the zealous men in blue. The cops discovered that the tablets were merely artificial sweetener that Marilyn used for her tea. Maybe next time, the officers might test a substance before subjecting a little old lady to questioning. Ironically, Marilyn is an ex-magistrate. I wonder what punishment she'd inflict on the cops? Perhaps lining the officers up and smacking each of them in the face with her purse would be appropriate.

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