Thursday, March 01, 2007

Some People Are Unreliable

The day before yesterday, I asked Chef Anthony if I could borrow his DVD copy of "The Matrix." Strange as it may seem, I have discovered someone who's actually managed not to see "The Matrix," at all, since 1999. I tend to enjoy watching films I have seen, with people who haven't seen them. When Anthony agreed to lend it to me, I suggested that I follow him home after work and get it then. That way he couldn't forget. At first he agreed, but then he said he needed to call someone first. He wasn't certain whether the DVD was at his mother's, or at his place. It ended up that he didn't have me follow him home, but assured me he wouldn't forget to bring it in to work on Wednesday.
Yesterday morning, as I was walking into the building from the car park, Anthony drove up, honking his horn. I waited for him to park, get out of his car, and catch up with me. As he got closer to me, I didn't see him carrying anything. I shouted, "Where's the DVD?"
In response, he kept shouting back, "what?" This was getting very frustrating. When he walked up to me, I repeated my question. He said he forgot. Damn! Exactly as I predicted. Then he reached under his jacket and, for a split second, I thought he was kidding and would pull out the DVD, from under his jacket. Instead, he merely pulled out his electronic work ID card and swiped the door lock to the building. I made it clear how disappointed I was. He said he'd cal his "misses," have her find the DVD and drive it down to work, that very afternoon. Of course, that never happened.
During the day, Chef Phil told me that I could buy the entire "Matrix" box set, for £16.99. "Where, Phil?" I inquired.
"At Virgin Megastore," he answered. I decided to go try to buy the box set, after work. When I was married, I bought "The Matrix" on VHS, but when my evil ex-wife, the Black Queen, divorced me, she kept the film. It's bad enough divorcing a guy, but keeping his video tapes...that's just low. She also kept my James Bond tapes and my Marx Brothers tapes. I don't even think she liked the Marx Brothers. Oh well, screw her! She might have kept my video cassette of "The Matrix," but now I was getting a DVD box set. The box set includes all three "Matrix" films, plus "The Anamatrix," plus hours of "Matrix" documentaries.
Because Phil said it was available at "Virgin," I went to Tesco. I would rather buy it from Tesco, because then I get Clubcard points. It turned out that the Tesco Extra, at Sandhurst, didn't have it. That was a waste of time. I headed into Camberley, where the nearest Virgin Megastore is located. Inside, I quickly found the box set, but it was £19.99, not £16.99. It can so just sour your mood when something you want turns out to be more expensive than you were told it would be. I put it back on the shelf and thought, "maybe it would be cheaper somewhere else?" I walked all around the Camberley shopping district, looking to find it cheaper. I tried success. There wasn't an HMV that I could find. They might be cheaper, but the only one I knew of was in the Bracknell town centre. I didn't feel like driving there and if I did, I would have to pay for parking. I could go through all that trouble and it could turn out to be the same price, or worse, more. I tried W. H. Smith, but with no success. Finally, I circled back to Virgin. I relented and bought the box set there. I hate spending extra money, but when I have my mind set on doing something, I hate giving up on doing it, even more. At the end of the day, I got my box set. When people are unreliable, you often just have to do things yourself.

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