Sunday, March 04, 2007

Artist of the Week: Fergie

This week, my Artist of the Week is enjoying the honor for the second time. It's Fergie. Her second single from her solo album, "The Dutchess," has earned her the place this week. "Fergalicious," which is my profile song, this week, didn't appeal to me the first time I heard it, unlike "London Bridge," which I adored straight off. However, "Fergalicious" grew on me, to the point where I love it, now. During the first week of January, "Fergalicious" set a new record by selling 265,000 digital copies in one week. This resulted in the song reaching number one in Billboard's Top 100 chart. Last month, the video for her third single, "Glamorous," started getting airplay. You can check Fergie out on Myspace: at .



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