Friday, March 02, 2007

Suddenly, Nando's Gone!

After work, yesterday, I had a conversation with Nando. I hadn't spoken with him on Wednesday, because I went out after work and he went to bed before I got home. Nando received an urgent call from Italy, Wednesday. His father has had a heart attack. Nando Papa was still alive, as of yesterday. He'd undergone a serious operation, angioplasty, or however it's spelled. Nando tried to get a flight to Italy the next day, but as all former travel agents know, last minute airline tickets can be expensive. Nando was unable to afford the airfare for Thursday departures, so he flew out today.
Just like that, he's gone. Nando will be away for two weeks, at least. Meanwhile, I now face a lot of time alone. Nando may be a racist, but he's turned out to be a good friend. As he rarely can be bothered to go out, he's usually home in the evenings, so I have someone to watch TV with. He's not on the internet, so he doesn't try to steal my Myspace friends. He's so much more sensible than my other housemate, M1. The age and educational gap between M1 and myself seems too broad to bridge. Nando and I often refer to the 22-year-old M1 as, "the Boy." Even M1's 17-year-old girlfriend, the Exotic Flower thinks she is more "mature" than M1. I have nothing against young people in general, so long as they aren't idiots. Oh the horror! With Nando gone, there will be no one to insulate me from M1 and the Flower.
Let's all hope that Nando Papa makes a speedy recovery, so Nando can come back soon. Nando is my Consigliore. It would be nice if Nando Papa is still around when I visit Naples, one day. I also need my buffer, between me and Them (M1 and the Flower). It's a strange coincidence, but Pino wasn't at work today and Chef Anthony said he'd gone to Italy. Pino is from Naples, from the same district as Nando is from. Also, another friend of mine flew to Italy on Thursday and is staying not far from Naples. What is going on? Could it be a conspiracy?

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