Monday, March 12, 2007


A new series started airing on UK TV, four weeks ago. That series is "Heroes," an American show, which is already a hit on the other side of the Atlantic. While in America, "Heroes" airs on a major terrestrial network, NBC, here it is being shown on a slightly more obscure channel, Sci Fi. Billed as "the new 'Lost,' " "Heroes" combines elements of "Lost" with a taste of the miniseries, "The Lost Room." The show tells the story of an assortment of people, each of whom have a special power. There is a cheerleader who's body heals from any injury, a cop who can hear other people's thoughts, an artist who's paintings foretell the future, and a young man from Japan who can bend space-time, amongst others. Their lives gradually intertwine and they seem to be coming together to prevent New York City from being destroyed by a nuclear explosion.
Nando likes "Lost," so I have been trying to get him into "Heroes." He's watched the first three episodes, but is not entirely enthusiastic about the show. Admittedly, "Heroes" doesn't have the same dramatic intensity that "Lost" has. Its production style gives it a slightly more surreal look. The main thing which puts Nando off is that the show is on Sci Fi. Nando has convinced himself that he doesn't like science fiction. Because "Lost" originally aired here on a major terrestrial channel, Channel 4, then moved to Sky One, Nando can watch it while ignoring the science fiction elements to the show. Had "Heros" appeared on one of those channels, I suspect Nando would have embraced it wholeheartedly. Still, I am hopeful that Nando will get over his sensitivity to the Sci Fi label and warm to "Heroes." It remains to be seen if the rest of the British viewing public will also find and embrace "Heroes."



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