Saturday, March 10, 2007


lYesterday, Pino, the Italian chef, was walking around work with a jar of black olives. Whenever he walks by my work area, he usually makes some comment. He's taken to calling me "Jesse." I have no idea why, but I can't really complain as I make up names for people, myself. For my part, I put on a faux Italian accent and utter a load of Italian sounding sounds. Pino is the oldest chef at the restaurant. His hair has gone all white. He's from Napoli, the same as Nando. They are ever from the same district. Noticing the jar of olives in his hands, I said, "I don't like olives, but I like olive oil. What's that all about?" Pino had no useful insight to offer on the subject. What is that all about?

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