Monday, December 11, 2006

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

When I came across the story of Roz Savage, a British oarswoman who has been denied full membership in the exclusive Leander Club, I was struck by something. The Leander Club is the oldest and most renowned rowing club in the world. Roz has twice rowed for Oxford in competition against Cambridge, but the thing which really sets her apart is that she rowed solo across the Atlantic, earlier this year. Despite this, she was turned down for full mermbership in the Leander Club. Instead, the club offered her an associate membership, Roz, 38, has accused the club of sexism. A club spokesman denies this and says that the club has been admitting women since 1997. The club now has two hundred female members. The club's position is that Roz crossing the Atlantic was feat of endurance, not one of rowing excellence. Therefore, based on her level of experience, club officials think that associate member is the correct level of membership for her, now.
What struck me in all of this is that Roz is good looking. She's a hottie, not some butchy looking munter. Given that, why the heck would she want to row across the Atlantic? Why go to all that trouble, when you can take the Queen Mary 2 across?


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