Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Gordon Brown is a Poo-Poo Head

I thought it was a good time to raise the tone, with some serious, adult, political discussion. Today, Gordon Brown, Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer (in other words, head thief) presented his tenth annual pre-Budget Report to the House of Commons. In it, he announces how much money the "government" will steal from us for the next year and what they will spend on. Mr. Brown said that from midnight tonight, the tax on fuel will increase another 1.25 Pence per litre. Also, from February 1st, the tax on airline tickets will double. This shows that he is a poo-poo head.
Billed as "green taxes," that will help the environment, they will do nothing of the sort. People won't drive less because fuel goes up five Pence per gallon. Fuel prices are very inelastic, which means demand won't change much, when the price increases. After people have spent thousands on buying a car and hundreds on insuring it, they aren't going to park it over a small increase in fuel price. Outside of London, public transportation is not a viable alternative for most folks. In my case, it takes me 25 minutes to drive to work in the morning. If I went by public transport, I would have to take three trains and two buses, taking two and a half to three hours to get there. The fare would also exceed what I spend on fuel. Gordon Brown knows that the tax increase won't cut driving, which is proven by the fact that he's spending the increased money the Treasury will receive from the tax increase. If the tax increase would stop people driving, then the Treasury would receive less and if he believed that was going to happen, he'd cut spending. And he's not spending it on reducing CO2 in the atmosphere. So, calling these "green taxes," is just a way to hoodwink the public into going along with it.
I stopped for petrol, this afternoon, on my way home from work. There was a long line of cars, waiting, as drivers tried to beat the midnight increase. The lines caused by Mr. Poo-Poo Head resulted in more CO2 going into the atmosphere, as drivers waited with their engines running. Drivers could take little comfort in the fact that Brown stated it would be his last pre-Budget Report. He said that because he expects to be Prime Minister (PM) in less than a year. Tony Blair is expected to resign as PM by next summer and Gordo has a major hard-on to be the next PM. He seems to be the only person in the UK looking forward to that. I would call him an economic vampire, but that would be an insult to vampires. Maybe blood sucking leech is more appropriate. In any case, Mr. Poo-Poo Head has all the charisma of a pothole and is just as useful as one to motorists.


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