Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What I Realized About Britney

Recently, Britney Spears was caught on camera, out without any knickers on. The images were posted on the internet and proved so popular that the website crashed. What is it about the lovely Britney, that people are so obsessed with seeing her flange? Okay, I find Britney as attractive as the next fellow, but her snapping gyro is pretty much like another woman's. I can't imagine how one would go out of the house and forget to put underwear on, so I would assume that Mrs. Federline did it on purpose. I guess she's not that innocent. (groan) I waited till the rush was over, but did see the photos when someone sent me a link to them. I've seen her like her gynecologist has. My mother would have liked me to be a doctor.
Britney was hanging out with Paris Hilton, another lovely blond. I know, it's amazing that they were out on the town and neglected to invite me. Surely an oversight, dear friends. Maybe Paris will exert a calming influence on Britney. This past weekend, Britney was out celebrating her 25th birthday. Oh, she forgot to invite me, again! This time, she did remember to wear knickers and has been pictured in an oriental style minidress, so mini you could see her frilly knickers showing, underneath. The first step is remembering to wear underwear. The next step is remembering to wear clothes long enough that you aren't showing your underwear. So, I realized something about Mrs. Federline (I am enjoying calling her this, while I have the chance). What did I realize about Britney? If she was celebrating her 25th birthday, she's slightly older than the lovely UK radio and TV presenter, Opal Bonfante. Opal is still hanging on to 24 and she manages to remember to wear knickers. She also manages to dress herself in a fashion where her knickers aren't displayed to all and sundry. You can see for yourself when Opal hosts Gala TV, weekends on Sky Channel 841. If you're in the USA, you can't see, but then, if you're in the USA, you should be visiting the UK sometime, anyway. Come on, get your butts over here.


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