Saturday, December 02, 2006

Landlords Are a Pain

M1 was planning on sleeping in, late, this morning. I found this amusing, because I knew the landlord was due to come at 10AM and I suspected he'd make noise. S1 was due to move out at 10AM and Nando in at Noon. When the landlord showed up, promptly, at 10AM, S1 was still asleep. M1 and the Exotic Flower were also asleep. First, I listened to the landlord waking S1. Once that was accomplished, the vacuum started right outside my door. I was already awake, so this didn't bother me much, but it annoyed the hell out of M1, I was to learn, later. I decided to stay out of the way, in my room, and let them get on with it. That may have been a mistake.
I had been awake since 8AM and by 10:30, the vacuum noise had abated. Feeling a little sleepy, I decided to take a nap. Just after I dozed off, my mobile rang. It was Nando. He wanted to know if S1 had moved out yet and could he come early. It was 11AM. I told Nando that S1 and the landlord were, at that moment, working on the room. Nando said he'd come in half an hour. Why phone me and ask if he can come early? Why not phone the bloody landlord? I remained in bed for the half hour, until I heard Nando arrive.
I figured I should help Nando move in, as he helped me move, when I moved here from the house we used to share. When I went out of my room, I was disturbed to find that things of mine had been moved in the bathroom, the kitchen, and the lounge. I caught the landlord using some of the scrubbers I wash the dishes with for cleaning. I informed him that I didn't want the scrubbers I use for washing the dishes to be used for other types of cleaning. I decided that rather than fight with him, I would just help Nando move and when the landlord had left, I would put things back where I wanted them. Cleaning is one thing, but re-arranging things is something else. I have had this ongoing dispute with the landlord. On several occasions, when he comes around, he's complained about my collection of sauces and oils, which I keep on the kitchen counter, above the washing machine. He kept suggesting that I put them in one of the cupboards, as he would like how it looked better, then, and there'd be more room. Room for what? I pointed out that 1) there wasn't the cupboard space, as the other housemates used them, 2) I liked having them close at hand, for when I am cooking, and 3) what difference does it make to him? He doesn't live here. To me, a landlord should collect the money, make sure we aren't destroying the place, take care of maintenance, then butt out. How the tenants choose to arrange things in the kitchen isn't something he should be bothering with. He'd taken the opportunity of me staying in my room to move all my sauces and oils, plus one of M1's, and put them all on M1's shelves in the cupboard
I noticed my rice cooker had disappeared. I later found it in one of the cabinets. The landlord had taken the three pieces of the microwave plate and was attempting to glue them together. It would have been more helpful to have bought a new one. I pointed out that the largest piece, which we had left inside the oven, still functioned and enabled what we we cook to rotate. He put the glued plate aside and said not to use it because the glue must dry. So, we have gone from having a functional portion of a plate, to having no plate. I saw the special measuring cup, which goes with my rice cooker, sitting on the table. He finally left and I went to put the measuring cup away, only to discover it had disappeared. I ran outside and inquired what he had done with it. He claimed to have no knowledge of it. I looked around, then on a hunch, checked the rubbish bin. Sure enough, my special measuring cup was in the bin. I took it back inside and went to wash it. It was full of glue! That idiot had used my measuring cup to hold glue, while he tried to glue the microwave plate. With liberal amounts of dishwashing liquid and scrubbing, I managed to get the glue out of it. I'd like to go to his house, one day, and re-arrange everything.


Blogger Steph said...

How rude!! You should have confronted him and demand he buy you a new one.

8:46 PM  
Blogger JosephintheBracknell said...

I confornted him in the street, before I found it, asking him what he'd done with it He denied all knowledge of it. Then he left, so by the time I found it, he wasn't there anymore. Don't worry, he'll probabvly be around soon, to check on Nando. I'll let him know, then. Unfortunately its a difficult thing to replace, as it comes with the rice cooker and is a special size.

5:55 AM  

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