Saturday, November 25, 2006

How Depressing

Recently, a four-year-old girl was diagnosed with "depression" because she couldn't go to the same school as her friends. Mollie Murphy was refused a place in East Herrington Primary School, Sunderland, England, because the class was full. A representative of the Sunderland City Council said that Mollie's application for school was received late and all places had been allocated already. She was assigned to another nearby school, instead. After starting at the school in September, she suffered with vomiting and bed wetting. Then she completely refused to go.
Mollie's mother, Victoria Anderson, aged 26, then took her daughter to the doctor. Victoria said that Mollie refuses to go to bed at night, cries all night, wets the bed and makes herself vomit. Victoria claims that the doctor blames Mollies behavior on stress and depression. Oh for Pete's sake! When I was four, I just went to whatever school my folks told me I was going to. After a year at a nursery school, I did kindergarten at a different school. None of my friends, if I even had any, from the nursery school were ever seen again. I don't think I liked the kids in the nursery class very much. My only memory of the school is of kids there teasing me, because of one of my drawings. I went to a private primary school and none of my friends from the neighborhood where I lived, went there. So what I didn't care. I developed a set of friends at school and another set at home. Guess what? I'm not in contact with anyone from my primary school anymore, either. I think Mollie has figured out a new way to get mommy Victoria to dance on her puppet strings.
Can a four-year-old be depressed? Here in England, General Practicioners (GPs) routinely make psychiatric diagnoses, which they have little training to make. GPs even prescribe powerful, psycotropic drugs, like Prozac, for patients. In America, one had to see a Psychiatrist for that. Yes, I'm suggesting that the doctor may not have a bloody clue. If Mollie's this much of a mess now, what will she be like at 25? My mother thought I was bad when I was a kid, she should be thankful she didn't have a little drama queen, like Mollie. Am I the only one who noticed that mother, Victoria, as a different surname to Mollie? This suggests that Victoria is with a different fellow, now than Mollie's Dad. Perhaps there is more to Mollie's behavior than Victoria is picking up on. In any case, Victoria, take charge, girl. Don't let this four-year-old run you around like a blue arsed fly, as the Black Queen used to day. She'll soon adjust to the new school. I can't even remember the names of anyone I went to school with when I was four.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think your right Joe, there's much more to this story than has been reported. Bed wetting, in itself, is a sign of an emotional trauma. Something, a memory, an event that has been surpressed.
The other reason of course, but not as common, is the bladder doesn't function normally and stress affects all of the organs in the body.
I'm afraid to say that this child has much more going on than just normal 'kid stuff.'
I wonder if Mom has taken her for a full evaluation, both physically and mentally, because something is wrong with Molly.
And from working with "Children and Families", here in the states, I can tell you that beyond a doubt, bed wetting is so humiliating for a child. If she were looking for attention, she would choose other outlets!
Good article and hopefully due to he exposure it got, it will 'wake-up' some parents to the fact that their child needs to be cared for, and not just when it's convenient for them!!

Thanks again for a good post!!
Peace Joe!!

PS..I still remember my first day of Kindergarten and the terror I felt leaving home, going to a strange place. Every child is so unique.

6:22 PM  
Blogger JosephintheBracknell said...

Mollie is only four, after all. Some children bed wet past that age. I think I was 6 when I stopped. My evil ex-step-son was bed wetting still at 8.

4:56 AM  

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