Saturday, November 18, 2006

I Just Scared Myself, Recycling

I went downstairs to have a late lunch, about a half hour ago. I took some old newspapers, which I didn't want anymore, with me, to put in the recycling bin, outside. Yes, I recycle, not because I am a big fan of recycling, nor because I am worried about the environment (I'm not). The reason I recycle is because the local council, here in Bracknell, has cut the rubbish collection from once per week, to once every two weeks. As I keep stressing to my housemates, if we don't recycle, our rubbish bin will be full way before the two weeks goes by. Last time, I had to put one bag of rubbish into the German woman's bin, next door. She's on her own and never fills hers. So far, I am the only one in the house committed to it. I often find bottles, cans, cardboard, and newspapers in the kitchen bin. I end up fishing them out and putting them outside, in the recycling bins. I thought young people were supposed to be all into this green nonsense?
I also keep as many lights off as I can, to save electricity. Not because I am concerned about CO2 emissions (I'm not), but because I don't want the landlord putting my rent up, due to increased power costs. The two young lads are oblivious and often leave lights on about the house, when they have gone out. One morning, recently, I got up to find the lounge light left on, probably all night. As it's dark early this time of year, it was dark when I went downstairs. I opened the door and put the newspapers in one of the two bins we have, outside. When I turned around, to go back inside, I saw the figure of a man that had been behind me, now in front of me as I turned. I was completely startled as I hadn't heard anyone behind me, or even in the house. Who was this strange person confronting me?
I instantly recognized him. It was my shadow. How embarrassing. I was grateful nobody was home to witness this. Scared by my own shadow. How awful. The Black Queen used to say I looked like a thug and would frighten people, if they ran into me in a dark alley. Maybe she had a point


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