Thursday, November 16, 2006

Maybe I Would Have Done Better in School

A teacher charged with having sex with a 15-year-old pupil has been found "not guilty" by a jury, in England. Rebecca Poole, who's 26 and married, admitted performing oral sex on the boy, but said he forced her. She went down on him in the drama studio, at the school where she teaches. Talk about drama! In her version, he held a screwdriver to the back of her neck. The pupil recorded the event on his mobile phone. Mrs. Poole was arrested, last year, after the boy's parents found the video recording. The boy testified at the trial (what a dirty rat...she gives him blowies and he testifies against her?) that they had a consensual relationship and used to have sex in Mrs. Poole's husband's Porsche. The jury seems to have bought her version of events. Either that, or like me, they wonder why this case was even brought to court.
American readers should be aware that the age of consent here, in Britain, is 16. So, the "victim" was less than a year below age. Surely this case was a complete waste of taxpayer's money. Instead of prosecuting the poor teacher, the government should encourage more teachers to offer teen boys a sexual reward, if they get good grades. When I was 15, I lusted after my English teacher, Dr. Barry. She had a PhD. I have always been partial towards educated women. I used to fantasize about her giving me a ride home, after school. Hey! We won't go into that. This isn't smut, you know.


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