Thursday, November 09, 2006

Burger King's Latest Bid to Beat McDonald's?

Two police officers, in America, are suing Burger King, after they were given burgers sprinkled with cannabis. Supposedly, Mark Landavazo and Henry Gabaldon were suspicious after eating half their burgers. After using a "field kit" to test and confirm that a substance in the burgers was, in fact, cannabis, they went to a hospital for medical evaluation. They want damages form Burger King, for "personal injury." The only problem is, in what way were they injured? Usually, you have to pay extra for cannabis. They got it free.
I have my own suspicions about these two. They are "tribal police," which means they are police for an Indian tribe, not proper police. Also, they were in uniform and driving a marked car, so why would the Burger King employees put marijuana in their burgers? Who wastes pot like that, anyway? I am suspicious these two might have planted the pot, themselves, just so they could sue. Maybe Burger King should settle with these two, as it might be the greatest publicity BK has ever gotten. How many potheads will be queuing up to buy BK burgers, hoping to score? What will McDonald's do in response? Put ecstasy in McFlurries?


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