Monday, November 06, 2006

Hair Lip

I have been cast in a small role, for a major motion picture production, currently filming in London. Because of confidentiality agreements, I am not able to say what film yet. On Saturday, I attended a costume fitting. While there, I was seen by the hair and makeup department of the production. I was informed that I will need to shave my beard and moustache completely off, for filming. I have shaved my beard before, for a TV shoot, but I have never shaved my moustache, for most of adult life.
I have only been wearing the beard for the past six years, or so. I don't know how it came up, but when I was still married, the Black Queen mentioned that she thought a goatee would suit me. Later, a hot young woman at Gemstone Travel, where I was working, then, said the same thing. Two beautiful women telling me something was a powerful motivator. I grew it and liked the look, myself. Subsequently, the Black Queen's first husband also said it suited me, when he stopped by the house to pick up the children. Despite that, I decided to keep it.
I started wanting a moustache when I was a young teen. I was really into the "Shaft" films, back then and Richard Roundtree, who played Shaft, wore a moustache. That was my motivation. I wanted to be just like Shaft. It took me years to grow it and it was a bit embarrassing that my grandmother had a thicker moustache for most of that time. I vaguely remember one girlfriend, possibly Kelley Bohland, asking me to shave it off, just to see what I would look like. I have this recollection that I did, just once, then immediately grew it back, never to shave it again. Until now. Tonight, I did the deed. Looking in the mirror, it seemed so strange to have a bare upper lip.
This afternoon, I received a call from the agency I got the film work from, asking me if I would do another film, later this month. Sure. I am happy to do paid acting work. I wonder what they will want me to shave off?


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