Friday, November 03, 2006

MTV Europe Music Awards 2006

On Thursday night, the Exotic Flower came over, just to watch the MTV Europe Music Awards. I wouldn't normally watch the show, as I dislike award shows, unless I am attending in person. My mother and grandmother used to watch award shows. I suspect it was more my mother's desire, as my grandmother would, pretty much, watch anything anyone else would put on the television. After seeing a few, as a child, I quickly learned that they are mostly dull and you can find out who won in the newspaper, the next day. Now, it's even easier, as you can look on the internet. Maybe these award shows are a girl thing. I certainly got the impression that the Flower was more into them than M1 was. As he's myopically focused on hip hop and gangsta rap, the only thing on the show that interested him was Snoop Dogg.
For me, the show was watching the Flower watch the MTV Europe Music Awards. She studies dance, so I used the opportunity to engage her in conversation about the dancers in some of the live performances. The show was broadcast from Copenhagen. That's in Denmark, for those of you who don't know. The Flower didn't know where Copenhagen was and asked M1 (the blind leading the blind). He couldn't come up with any more of an answer than "near Moscow." I was out of the room at the time, so our two young, intellectually challenged lovebirds didn't find out that it's in Denmark, until it was mentioned on the show. I guess watching MTV is educational, after all.
This year, the show was hosted by Justin Timberlake. I learned that the Flower doesn't find Justin physically attractive. Fortunately, I don't look anything like him. I enjoyed the cutaways to Kelis, who was outside in the cold, covering the live performances being done on the outside stage. It's the first time I have heard her speaking and she sounds much better than I anticipated, based on the songs she sings. Sadly, Kelis is married. Oh well. Justin and Snoop Dogg did a bit about the fact that you can say certain words on European TV that you are banned from saying on American TV. A mild rebuke for censorship and, of course, I am a big free speech advocate. It was good the first time, but they repeated it several times through the show and it seemed dull as it repeated. The worst part was a series of segments promoting climate change hysteria.
Eventually, M1 felt so bored that he went upstairs to have a bath. I don't think I have ever felt that bored in my life. I just don't feel bored anymore. I find the universe so interesting. This presented a great opportunity to show the Flower a copy of "Howard Stern: Miss America," the book I am quoted in and which has photos of me. She read through most of the chapter where I am mentioned. When M1 came back downstairs, the Flower was more engrossed in reading about me, than in watching her Europe Music Awards. I guess it was handy that I dug the book out, so I could show the Chefs at work. Thank you, Chefs.


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