Monday, October 30, 2006

A Day of Deals

Last week, I received a letter from an agency that specializes in extras and walk-ons for films and TV, inviting me to register with them, for 2007. After getting advice from London radio DJ and TV presenter, Opal Bonfante, and from talk radio presenter and thespian, Bill Buckley, I decided to accept the invitation. The agency limited the time of day when they took calls to accept, to between 10AM and Noon. I have a tea break at work, at 10AM. I planned on calling during my tea break, but forgot. Just before Noon, I remembered. I whent to the changing room and dug out my mobile. Calling, I was given an appointment for the last week in November.
Nando, my Italian, ex-housemate, was supposed to let me know, today, if he wants the room that is becoming vacant in this house. He sent me a text during the day, although as I keep my mobile off at work, I didn't read it toll late afternoon. He wanted the room! I sent the landlord a text letting him know that Nando wanted to meet him this evening. As I drove home, the landlord called me back. He agreed to meet Nando at my house, at 8PM. I then sent a text to Nando letting HIM know. Nando agreed to meet at 8PM.
Nando arrived early, at about7:40PM. We watched the music video channels, while waiting for the landlord. The landlord arrived at just going 8PM. I introduced them and let them do their deal, while I watched "Eastenders." They agreed in due course. Before he left, I let the landlord know that the sink in the bathroom is running slowly. The landlord fixed that, this evening. I am feeling like a facilitator. Nando is moving into this house, at the beginning of December. Result!


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