Saturday, November 04, 2006

My Housemate Just Smells

On Friday night, M1 and the Exotic Flower were back, engaging in their latest habit: watching my Sky, satellite TV. I was contemplating what to cook for dinner and they indicated they were not going out for the night. They said they would go out on Saturday night. Because the Flower seemed so bothered over the smell of my fish dinner, previously, I decided to have leftover ham, potatoes, sweetcorn, and cole slaw. I figured I would have the fish on Saturday, when they were out. I know, I am too considerate, aren't I?
When my dinner was ready, I sat down in the lounge, to eat. All of a sudden, M1 starts complaining that my cole slaw stinks. He then says it must have gone off. As I am eating it, I could tell it was fine. Then he decides it's the ham which stinks. I suspect it's probably the English mustard on it which he can smell. For some reason, his whining that my dinner smells, reminds me of the behavior of a child. I made a sarcastic comment which totally lost him. I think I used too big a word. I then carried on eating my dinner, until it was finished. I can hardly wait until Nando moves in.


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