Monday, November 06, 2006

Teacher Leave Them Kids Alone

Recently, a new temp worker showed up at the restaurant where I am working between acting gigs. Tall and slender, she has a natural beauty that doesn't require much makeup. With wavy, light brown hair and beautiful eyes, she instantly seemed warm and friendly, with an easy-going laugh. She was wiling to join in on the conversation at breakfast, on her first day. Chef Anthony, who teases so much, people often don't believe him when he's telling the truth, told the new woman that I have been on TV and in films. She'd had enough exposure to Anthony by then that she obviously thought this was another of his jokes. He said he was serious and told her I am an actor. She told me she's a teacher. I must have appeared skeptical, because she went on to explain that she's newly qualified and doing temp work until she starts at her first school, in the New Year.
Now I like an educated woman, I really do. The next day, I told her I was considering her for the position of "my favorite teacher in the world," a post that's been vacant since I terminated the last person to hold that title. Data acquisition paradigms were enabled. I switched from passive radar and sonar, to active. As she was talkative and somewhat extroverted, the intelligence mission was accomplished rather easily. Early analysis of the results of data mining turned up a significant fact. She's another of these impatient women...she's married. I asked her to keep her eye open for single teachers, when she starts at her school and informed her that she's out of the running for "Favorite Teacher in the World." One of the requirements for the position is that the candidate be single.


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